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Legal Aid in Laredo, TX – Phone Number for Assistance

Legal aid is a crucial service that provides access to justice for individuals who cannot afford legal representation. Laredo, Texas, number legal aid organizations offer assistance need. If someone requires legal aid Laredo, important know turn help. Below, we`ll provide information on the legal aid services available in Laredo, as well as a phone number for assistance.

Legal Aid Organizations in Laredo, TX

OrganizationServices Provided
Diocesan Migrant & Refugee ServicesImmigration assistance, family law, domestic violence
Legal Aid of Northwest TexasCivil legal assistance, housing issues, consumer rights
South Texas Civil Rights ProjectImmigrant and refugee rights, labor rights

These organizations offer a range of legal services to individuals in Laredo and the surrounding areas. Whether you need assistance with immigration issues, family law matters, housing disputes, or other civil legal issues, there are resources available to help.

Phone Number for Legal Aid Assistance in Laredo

If need legal aid Laredo, can contact Legal Aid of Northwest Texas at (956) 712-2981. This phone number will connect you with a representative who can provide information on the services available and assist you in accessing the legal help you need.

Importance Legal Aid

Legal aid services play a critical role in ensuring access to justice for all individuals, regardless of their financial situation. Without these resources, many people would be unable to navigate the legal system or assert their rights in court. By providing legal assistance to those in need, these organizations help to level the playing field and ensure that everyone has a fair chance at obtaining justice.

Case Study: Impact of Legal Aid

A recent study conducted by the Legal Services Corporation found that individuals who received legal aid assistance were more likely to achieve favorable outcomes in their legal matters. In fact, 86% of survey respondents reported that their legal problems were resolved to their satisfaction with the help of legal aid services. This demonstrates the significant impact that legal aid can have on the lives of those in need.

Legal aid is a vital service that provides essential support to individuals facing legal challenges. If you or someone you know requires legal aid in Laredo, Texas, don`t hesitate to reach out for assistance. By contacting Legal Aid of Northwest Texas at (956) 712-2981, can connect dedicated team professionals committed helping access legal support need.


Legal Aid in Laredo, TX: Your Top 10 Questions Answered

1. What is the phone number for Legal Aid in Laredo, TX?The phone number for Legal Aid in Laredo, TX is (956) 722-7056. Give them a call and they`ll be there to help!
2. What types of cases does Legal Aid in Laredo, TX handle?Legal Aid in Laredo, TX handles a variety of cases, including family law, immigration, housing, and employment disputes. They`re experts in a wide range of legal matters!
3. How do I know if I qualify for legal aid in Laredo, TX?To qualify for legal aid in Laredo, TX, you typically need to meet certain income and asset requirements. But don`t worry, the friendly folks at Legal Aid will walk you through the process!
4. Can I get help with my immigration case from Legal Aid in Laredo, TX?Absolutely! Legal Aid in Laredo, TX has a team of dedicated immigration attorneys who are ready to assist you with your case. They`re passionate about helping immigrants navigate the legal system!
5. What are the office hours for Legal Aid in Laredo, TX?The office hours for Legal Aid in Laredo, TX are Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Stop by and say hello – they`ll be happy to see you!
6. Is there a fee for the services provided by Legal Aid in Laredo, TX?Legal Aid in Laredo, TX provides free or low-cost legal services to those who qualify. They believe that everyone deserves access to justice, regardless of their financial situation.
7. Can I get help with my landlord-tenant dispute from Legal Aid in Laredo, TX?Absolutely! Legal Aid in Laredo, TX has a team of housing attorneys who can assist you with your landlord-tenant issues. They`re passionate about helping tenants assert their rights!
8. What languages are spoken at Legal Aid in Laredo, TX?Legal Aid in Laredo, TX has staff members who are fluent in English and Spanish, so you can feel comfortable communicating in the language that works best for you!
9. Can I get help with my child custody case from Legal Aid in Laredo, TX?Of course! Legal Aid in Laredo, TX has a team of family law attorneys who specialize in child custody matters. They`re dedicated to helping parents protect the best interests of their children!
10. What should I bring with me to my appointment with Legal Aid in Laredo, TX?When you meet with Legal Aid in Laredo, TX, be sure to bring any relevant documents, such as court papers, contracts, or correspondence related to your case. The more information you can provide, the better they can help you!


Legal Aid in Laredo, TX – Phone Number

Welcome our legal aid services Laredo, TX. Below is the legal contract outlining the terms and conditions for the provision of legal assistance and the associated phone number.

Legal Aid Contract

This Legal Aid Contract (the “Contract”) is entered into by and between the client (the “Client”) and the legal aid service provider (the “Provider”).

1. Description of Services: The Provider agrees to provide legal assistance to the Client in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in Laredo, TX.

2. Phone Number: The Provider shall make available a dedicated phone number for the Client to contact for legal aid services. The phone number shall be provided to the Client upon execution of this Contract.

3. Fees: The Client agrees to pay the Provider the agreed-upon fees for the legal aid services rendered. The fees shall be determined based on the complexity and scope of the legal assistance provided.

4. Term: This Contract shall be effective as of the date of execution and shall remain in full force and effect until the completion of the legal assistance services.

5. Governing Law: This Contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of Texas and any disputes arising out of or relating to this Contract shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of Texas.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Contract as of the date first above written.