Our goal

Gin’s AFRO® is a label from the German company: AMAN-International (AI) UG.

AI is a UGmbH that sets itself the goal of developing various business ideas.

The founder is Marie Ginette AMANI-FRIDRICH. The business purposes of the AI ​​are i.a.
the development of projects in the areas of management consulting in marketing
and marketing of brands and brand names of products and services, development and organization of events and seminars, import/export with the purchase and sale of products of various kinds. The services and offers of AI are based on the centuries-old cooperative relationships between Germany and the economic partner countries in Africa. AI sees a wide range of opportunities for economic cooperation and

Conquest of new markets. The motto of AI: “Experience efficiency through cooperation”.

Our concept

Gin’s AFRO® is a quality label with the motto: “Gin’s roots of original African fashion”. This brand wants to build its corporate identity in the field of fair trade, promoting organic quality, supporting the work of artisans, searching for originality and authenticity. Gin’s AFRO® guarantees customers quality products in accordance with required international standards and requirements:


We have associated the cauris with our registered trademark, which we have given a gold color because it inspires the basic ideas of our concept. For us, it symbolizes a series of evaluation systems to which our company is connected. In particular, these are nature, sharing, openness … Read the article on the gold cause of Gins AFRO in the WORSHOP – Press Articles/Cauris section

With the slogan : “Gin’s Roots of Original African Fashion”, Gin’s AFRO® takes on the challenge of meeting the expectations of a wide clientele around the world, who has pushed boundaries and can appreciate and adopt the lifestyle of originality: Gin ́s AFRO®. That’s why Gin’s AFRO® also promotes its slogan based on three inspiring words: Authentic – Chic – Unique!

Our lifestyle universe

The Gin’s AFRO online shop based in Berlin, roots in Africa and branches of your network worldwide

Aims to offer its customers products and services with high added value for a balance, physical, material and mental well-being. Indeed, Gin´s AFRO® offers its customers products that appeal to material luxury, beauty, elegance, but also physical well-being. Beyond supporting through counseling and coaching sessions for the personal development of its clients.

The Gin ́s AFRO® universe therefore offers a complete range for the general and precise satisfaction of its customers in the following areas.


The Story: “We’ve been developing our brand since 2002 to bring you the best today…”

The managing director of AMAN-International (AI) UG and founder of the Gin’s AFRO® brand, Dr. Marie Ginette AMANI-FRIDRICH is of German nationality and African origin, more precisely Ivorian. She is very fond of fashion. In 2002 she opened the first Gin’s AFRO® online shop with the first models that she wore herself. At the beginning she presented the productions of the craftsmen she had worked with, but also the productions that came out of her own inspiration. Later, when she puts down her suitcases in Germany, it is the western models (German, Russian, etc.) who present the models and were ambassadors, women of the business world, who pick up his creations. Today The presentation of the new Gin ́s AFRO®  Online Shop as a label promoted by the German company AMAN-International (AI) UG is a new step forward. Now Gin’s AFRO® offers a perfect marriage that unites rich African creativity and German high performance. “Authentic, chic and unique” products is the slogan that Gin´s AFRO® has given itself to a demanding clientele, curious, informed and raised without cultural barriers customers, with products of exceptional quality and taste: Gin´s AFRO® products.

Dr Marie Ginette AMANI-FRIDRICH says it so well herself: “We have been developing our brand since 2002 in order to offer you the best today…”

Biography: “I like to learn and do things”

After her literary Abitur, Dr. Marie Ginette AMANI-FRIDRICH Managing Director and Owner of AMAN-International (AI) UG and the Gin’s AFRO® brand first studied law by concentrating on political, administrative and legal sciences approved by a DE UG. After that, invest in your studies in Communication and Information Sciences. These studies to train journalists, press officers and communication professionals led to the acquisition of a master’s degree with the position of major of his promotion.

She then added a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) to her academic career: International Relations and received her PhD in Sociology. dr Marie Ginette AMANI-FRIDRICH made her career by participating in numerous

Conferences and training enriched. To this end, she has numerous certificates, including the certificate acquired in Germany for the focus on “Fund Raising” of the European Union and a certificate on entrepreneurship in the economies of emerging countries “from Harvard University (USA). Her on-site experience was provided by refines her long-standing collaboration and expertise in companies, institutions and organizations.She also conducts coaching, conducts conferences and initiates PR events at both national and international level.

dr Marie Ginette AMANI-FRIDRICH is the author of various books and subjects, with titles (French version) such as “Collections of our textiles traditionally woven…”, “The story of a fibre”, “I love you as you are”, “Alliance” , “Incomprehensible Galimatias”, etc. but all in French for the first time. ” I like to learn and do things ” always says Dr. Marie Ginette AMANI-FRIDRICH. But she is also a woman who is very committed to social causes.

Dr Marie Ginette AMANI-FRIDRICH is also known as the founding president of the Fondation AMAN-International (FAI), founded in 2003, which primarily works for women and children. She received numerous awards for her social work and in 2008 she was made “Chevalier de l’Ordre du Mérite de la Solidarité et de la Cohesion Sociale” (Knight of the Order of Merit of Solidarity and Social Cohesion) by her country of origin, Côte d’Ivoire Republic of Côte d’Ivoire).

The GA brand donates a percentage in support of the FAI. Each purchase on this site is therefore a direct action you are taking in support of the FAI.

To discover the actions of the Fondation AMAN-International (FAI), visit:

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