Invested another type of pleasant xmas and you can new-year in the Poland and we also coped ;-) Vodka helps

Invested another type of pleasant xmas and you can new-year in the Poland and we also coped ­čśë Vodka helps

Hi,I am an alternative English lady with a polish other half plus laws. So that your not at all alone. I additionally have a problem with the text however, I’m slower picking they right up quite well. I could speak a tiny (very good at swearing and you will slang) however, I know loads. I’ll be surviving in Warsaw soon thus plan to have some courses to alter.Where are you currently of in the uk? I’m on the north-east. xx

I am out-of Cumbria however, based in Manchester. Now i am gonna see as i get on and not worry an excessive amount of. When is it possible you plan to flow there? their a significant difference is not it? p.s How did you one another see?

Opposite side of the nation to me upcoming into the Cumbria. You will find family in Manchester (Hyde). Yeah, you should never stress about the words, it becomes smoother after a while and you can training. I find enjoying Shine Tv helps and have now when we view films my personal spouse puts polish subtitles on it and i also discover that far too. The thing i pick hardest is much off Polish terms are only un-absolute to English tongues, emails that individuals never have just before must fool around with together just never roll from your lips easily. We have considering my personal boyfriend lots of jokes as he pays attention whenever i damage their words:D I spent a while in Warsaw a year ago and managed okay (except for one time once i mistakenly told one of several group from the local Tesco. Przepraszam, nie rozumiem moj jezyk polski jest gowno. and that converts sorry, i don’t learn, my shine words try shite hahah) I did not mean they ahead out in that way. it kind of performed luckily for us he seen the funny side, however, I am alot more mindful as to what I state today, I might was in fact mortified if i had insulted a mature individual. Our company is heading for Warsaw this weekend therefore fulfilled whenever the two of us spent some time working to each other.

Comedy i reside in Ashton below lyne ­čśë ItÔÇÖs funny when anyone mistake you to be Shine. The brand new Crap term renders myself laugh. its including the Govener that have however is slag to have all right boss hahah. A year ago we were to the Skype using my people’s sibling lookin to own autos and i didnt appreciate this their sis kept saying co? co? whenever i a couple of times said ooohh chesp auto cheap car! Needless to say that it sounds like lady pieces inside the Shine ha-ha. We are over to Poland again toward sixth to possess business and will get a beneficial decoder into Shine tv as the sure i understand youÔÇÖre right. p.s gloss men are pleasant arnt it ­čśë

Miras doesnt tension me to talk what when he enjoys our vocabulary and that is satisfied i trained your they

Ha ha “cheap” i understand precisely and therefore gloss word your imply lol. Tell your other half to check on the television enterprises. we had Aster within apartment in Poland so there is actually lots of channels that have English subs or that allowed one to alter the vocabulary so you can English too, if you’d like to.

Their neices and you may nephews love with a keen English Sis and have me out to its freinds and you can English words teacher (that is a small afraid of myself)

a home based job today ­čśë ah sweet suggestion due to the fact we would like to getting an excellent bi lingual members of the family as soon as we live-in Poland. Everybody in the town is actually content and you can a small envious i consider. A few try discovering English at school but the majority terrified so you’re able to is at all like me when talking Gloss, somebody giggle but Miras claims its end in we sound sweet. You to nephew will not take on i am English and you will talks to me personally from inside the Shine throughout the day hahah (cute). You to definitely neighbour said they are attending English college when he is sense i am extremely funny when we has activities and you will would want having Miras to not have so you’re able to convert every dos mins (i did train him certain impolite conditions to go to really works within this new seasons though). Are you experiencing college students but really? Just how was your own husbands family along with you?

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