Cool Moments Set of Gin’s AFRO


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1 woven loincloth pillowcase + 1 pillow (decoration)

40×40 cm with integrated zipper in pillowcase and pillow

The loincloth used to make this cushion cover was handmade, so pure luxury! This loincloth is called Kourou-Kourou, which means “dots” in the Senoufo language spoken in northern Ivory Coast (West Africa). Kourou-kourou refers to the very original patterns chosen for this loincloth, considered a treasure used to honor festive and joyful moments (such as weddings and other celebrations). This pure dyed cotton yarn loincloth has been woven on a traditional loom used for several centuries from generation to generation. This 40 x 40 cm pillowcase is already filled with a pillow of the same size. They are machine washable up to a maximum of 60° and can then be ironed, as they each have a zipper. The production of the loincloth that this cushion cover is made of required several working days for our weavers in Africa before being cut and assembled in the workshop in Germany, from where most of our products and articles, distributed all over the world, leave the camps. .

Pillowcase Features:


100% cotton

special feature

Integrated zip



40×40 zipper pad already integrated

To wash

In the washing machine up to a maximum of 60 degrees


Yes indeed

To know the history of woven loincloths, we recommend the following two books by Dr. Marie Ginette Amani-Fridrich:

-The story of a fiber

-Collections of our textiles


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Cool Moments Set of Gin’s AFRO


100 in stock