Glowing Star of Gin’s AFRO


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This wonderful rectangular shaped bag called Glowing Star of Gin’s AFRO ® is an excellent accessory that can be used to accompany any of your daily outfits, especially during your professional activities. This bag with geometric definitions and contours, very square and modern, harmoniously contrasts its exotic character. Glowing Star of Gin’s AFRO ® is indeed cut from real WAX type cotton loincloth and made for active women. The feminine and shimmering colors of this chic bag will of course adapt to any color you wear, but this useful bag will help you carry all the essentials for your daily activities (laptop, cellphones and other small or medium-sized accessories such as your water bottle for example ). The icing on the cake with the Glowing Star of Gin’s AFRO ® pouch is the finishing touch. This bag is an accessory endowed with great nobility. Instead of using ribbons to carry the bag, we opted for gold chains. Absolute luxury! We also chose a gold and black rotary buckle to open and close the bag. These selected refinement accessories position Glowing Star of Gin’s AFRO ® in the area of ​​absolute luxury bags. Glowing Star of Gin’s AFRO ® is the authentic, unique and chic touch for a busy woman who wants to be extraordinary, elegant and remarkable in all her appearances. This gem has been crafted to Gin’s AFRO® standards of creativity and quality by our ingenious and hardy local craftsmen in the workshops in Africa. It is available from stock in Germany, the starting point of our worldwide deliveries.


Cotton loincloth

chains and golden buckle




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Glowing Star of Gin’s AFRO