Intimes confidences: « Je t’aime comme tu es »


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By purchasing this book to treat yourself or to give as a gift, you support my commitment to helping the most disadvantaged. I am donating the benefits of this book to Fondation AMAN-International (FAI) to give priority to helping disadvantaged children and unemployed young girls in Africa. Thank you in advance for your contribution. Happy reading! dr Marie Ginette AMANI-FRIDRICH, PhD

En achetant ce livre pour vous faire plaisir ou pour l’offrir en cadeau, vous soutenez mon engagement en faveur des plus démunis. Je reverse les bénéfices de cet ouvrage à la Fondation AMAN-International (FAI) d’aide aux enfants déshérités et aux jeunes filles désœuvrées en Afrique, en priorité. Je vous remercie par advance for your contribution. Bonn lecture! dr Marie Ginette AMANI-FRIDRICH, PhD

The writer dr. Marie Ginette AMANI-FRIDRICH was recognized for her first short story, Je t’aime comme tu es, published in the 2004 collection Intimes Confidence. Her second production, her novel entitled Alliance, was adapted and published in 2007. Afterwards, under her pseudonym Marie Hanania, she published the volume of poetry “Inintelligible Galimatias” (2019), the scientific work “L’Histoire d’une Fibre” (2020), the historical and photographic work “Collections de nos Textiles – Tissés traditionnels…”. (2020), “L’Humanitaire est un élan naturel du Coeur” (Humanitarian Aid is a Natural Impulse of the Heart) (2021) and many more books and forthcoming music albums. dr Marie Ginette Amani-Fridrich “…made a name for herself thanks to God!” she admits. Their productions and activities can be viewed in detail on their websites or via their official main page:


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