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Luxurious surprise box from Gin’s AFRO® 329 euros

Look no further for your gifts to show your love, your gratitude, or to celebrate special events! Adorned with a sparkling gold ribbon tied with a large alluring bow, this pretty and elegant gift pack will do the trick! Make yourself this extraordinary gift or give it to one or more people who are important to you! Luxury Surprise Box by Gin’s AFRO ® is the perfect gift that comes from the heart.

The Gin’s AFRO ® Luxury Surprise Box gift box contains 5 cosmetic products, each carefully packaged in a beautiful sparkling organza pouch. This cosmetic is a special selection from our complete luxury range for face and body: Revolution from our brand Gin’s AFRO ®.

For the face you will discover:

-1 Maclura Cochinchinensis ® Revolution Vegan Gel (200ml)

-1 Zinc ® Revolution Vegan Lotion (200 ml°)

-1 Hyaluronic Concentrate Revolution Vegan Serum (30ml)

-1 Vitamin E + Shea Butter Revolution Lifting Glow Cream (50ml)

For the body you have:

-1 White Tea Complex Revolution Vegan Emulsion (200ml)

Our additional bonus inside:

-1 Gin’s ARO ® Revolution Routine Card to quickly guide you through using the Gin’s AFRO ® Revolution range

-1 Gin’s AFRO ® Mini Thank You card ideal and welcome, especially if the Gin’s AFRO ® luxury surprise box is to be offered as a gift.

We have therefore planned and prepared everything to please and please you, and this Gin’s AFRO ® Luxury Surprise Box is your precious gift!

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Luxury Surprise Box of Gin’s AFRO