Nankanfian Adjabia


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Pretty Gin’s AFRO branded mug with a red background and a motivating name to use all day long: Nankanfian Adjabia, which means stool or king’s throne! This mug bears the rich ethnic motifs of the woven loincloth of the same name. This loincloth of absolute luxury with authentic patterns invites you to know and discover the artistic skill but also the know-how and savoir-vivre of generations and ancient traditions. The loincloth, woven on the traditional loom, speaks to us of the throne, the symbol of power, prosperity and rulership of the Akan kingdoms. You can give this exceptional Gin’s AFRO mug to yourself or someone you love. Ideal for moments with family, friends or in the office, the Nankanfian Adjabia mug from Gin’s AFRO strengthens respect for a tradition with many inspiring sides today and tomorrow.

To learn more about the history of textiles like Nankanfian Adjabia, treat yourself to the book as well Collections of our Textiles,which is also available on this site.

Explained by Dr. Marie Ginette Amani-Fridrich, PhD


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