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Pretty mug from the Gin’s AFRO brand, with a yellow background and dazzling like the African sun and a motivational slogan to use all day long, as well as the ethnic touch of the golden cowrie shells, a typical Gin’s AFRO registered trademark. Original money refers to the cowrie shells, which were once used as currency in many African traditions. Gin’s AFRO has brought new value to this old money that’s now in the gold. This Gins AFRO mug evokes and updates ancient riches, treasures for those who know how to preserve and promote positive values. You can give this extraordinary Originql Money mug from Gin’S AFRO to yourself or someone you love. Ideal for moments with family, friends or in the office, the Original Money Mug by Gin’s AFRO invites you to reflect on what defines greatness and human wealth…: Values!

Explained by Dr. Marie Ginette Amani-Fridrich, PhD


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