REVOLUTION Komplette Gesichts- und Körpersortiment ® Vegan: Gel + Lotion + Serum + Creme (Gesicht) + Emulsion (Körper)


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REVOLUTION Complete face and body range

1 REVOLUTION Maclura Cochinchinensis ® + 1 REVOLUTION Zinc ® + 1 REVOLUTION Hyaluron Concentrate ® + 1 REVOLUTION Vitamin E + Shea Butter ® + 1 Revolution White Tea Complex ®


REVOLUTION Maclura Cochinchinensis®

Gin’s AFRO ® Skin Care Innovation

Cleansing and make-up remover gel for face

Anti-aging • Anti-inflammatory • Anti-acne


External aggressions such as pollution or the use of unsuitable products wreak havoc on the skin at any age.

Some internal influences such as disorders and hormonal changes also count.

These negative influences are reflected in earlier or accelerated skin aging, excessive sebum production (skin fat) and also the deformation of the skin follicle. The result is the frequent occurrence of blackheads or purulent pustules.

Correcting these skin imperfections requires constant care, especially with products made from suitable raw materials. The first care cut, which consists in cleaning the skin, is therefore crucial.

To help tissues regain their deep cleanliness while correcting accumulated damage over time, Gin’s AFRO ® has gone to great lengths to find the wonder ingredient: Maclura cochinchinensis leaf.

REVOLUTION Maclura Cochinchinensis ® by Gin’s AFRO ® is a wonderful cleansing gel and facial make-up remover.
Behind this is an innovative technology from MicroSilver, which is obtained from the extract of the leaves of Maclura Cochinchinensis in combination with other ingredients. This plant is not only known for its antimicrobial properties on the skin, but also for its antioxidant effects.

REVOLUTION Maclura Cochinchinensis ® by Gin’s AFRO is anti-inflammatory and anti-comedogenic and counteracts general skin aging.

The gel effectively reduces pimples, empties the sebaceous glands of their impurities and helps to narrow the pores. This refines the skin and slows down the aging process.

REVOLUTION Maclura Cochinchinensis ® Cleansing Gel from Gin’s AFRO ® is pleasantly foaming and has a fine scent that permeates with a lasting effect. It is also perfect for removing make-up from the eyes (especially for eyelash extensions)!


– antimicrobial

– anti-acne

– anti-inflammatory

– anti-stains

– antiaging

– antioxidant

How does it work?

– The skin is thoroughly washed and the pores are freed from impurities, dirt residues, dead cells and microorganisms.

– The production of sebum and the excess of sebum are reduced.

– Inflammation and itching are stopped.

– The appearance of blackheads and pimples is inhibited.

– By narrowing the pores, the complexion is refined.

– The brown spots go away.

– Skin aging is slowed down.


From the first applications of Gin’s AFRO ® REVOLUTION Maclura Cochinchinensis ® Face Cleansing and Make-up Remover Gel, your skin will be thoroughly washed and your pores free of impurities.

Gin’s AFRO ® REVOLUTION Maclura Cochinchinensis ® Face Cleansing and Make-up Remover Gel is the first step in your complete Gins AFRO ® Skin Care Innovation ® routine

REVOLUTION Maclura Cochinchinensis ® by Gin’s AFRO ® is designed to beautify your skin.

“REVOLUTION Maclura Cochinchinensis ® by Gin’s AFRO ®” reduces imperfections and dark spots. The result is pure and visibly clear, rejuvenated skin and a fresh face.

How to use it

In the evening, apply the cleansing and make-up remover gel REVOLUTION Maclura Cochinchinensis ® from Gin’s AFRO ®” to a damp or dry face, massage in for approx. 2 minutes and rinse off with plenty of warm water.

Shake before use to distribute the MicroSilver.


Gin’s AFRO ® REVOLUTION Maclura Cochinchinensis ® Face Cleansing and Make-up Remover Gel contains:

-No aluminum

-No mineral oils

-No parabens

-No preservatives









The pH is about 5.5 – 6.0.


The colors of our brand are gold and green, which on the one hand underline the uniqueness of our products, on the other hand they emphasize our close connection to nature.

On all of our white bottles you will see our logo in gloss, which also makes it look luxurious and classy.

Another special feature of the white cans is the feel. They are covered with a soft touch effect so that you can feel a pleasant feeling of softness with every touch of your Gin’s AFRO routine.



Special recommendations:

This product is free from parabens, aluminium, mineral oils and preservatives. They have been rigorously tested and registered in the European Union. They meet all the standards required by the German and European health authorities.

Although we have not been able to identify any allergic reactions during extensive testing of our products, we recommend that you make sure that you do not have any allergies to any of the ingredients contained and listed in and/or on our items when purchasing and subsequently using them.

If necessary, please test a small amount of the gel on your skin first. In case of allergic reaction, discontinue use immediately.

Keep these products out of the reach of children and not suitable for infants under 3 years old.


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REVOLUTION Komplette Gesichts- und Körpersortiment ® Vegan: Gel + Lotion + Serum + Creme (Gesicht) + Emulsion (Körper)


100 in stock

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